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Why Bulb? Here are 8 Great Reasons to Switch

1. Bulb Energy is Green - 100% renewable electricity & 10% renewable gas

When you switch to Bulb, every unit of electricity you use is 100% renewable, being supplied by UK hydropower plants. In addition, 10% of Bulb's gas comes from biomethane, which is produced from organic matter.

2. Bulb Energy is not just green, it’s cheap too!

At the time of writing, Bulb provide the cheapest tariff for companies that provide renewable energy. They are much cheaper than the "big 6" energy providers who do not have the same green credentials.

Bulb Energy Tariff compared to other energy providers

3. Refer a friend - you could end up getting your energy for free

Once you’ve made the switch to Bulb, you’ll get your own Bulb referral link to share with friends, family and colleagues. For each one that switches to Bulb, you'll get £50 and they'll get £50. Refer enough people and you could get your energy for free. In fact, Bulb will even pay you, if your account is in credit.

How the Bulb Refer a Friend Scheme Works

Refer a Friend

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Your friend signs up - it only takes a minute

Get a £50 credit on your Bulb account

Once their switch completes you'll both get £50

4. Customer Support

I think we’ve all been frustrated at the lack of customer service from the big energy companies. When I’ve called Bulb I have always got through (very quickly - no robots, no endless menus) to a really helpful and knowledgable member of their support staff, all of whom are based in the UK. Don't just take my word for it - Bulb have a 9.8 rating on TrustPilot!

They’ve also got a really good community forum. You will normally get a rapid response from a helpful community member or the Bulb support team.

5. The Bulb Dashboard

You can manage your Bulb account online. You get a very snazzy dashboard that tells you everything you need to know about your account. You can see the tariff you are on; you can see any referrals you have; you can check your account balance, energy usage and view all your statements. It’s a pleasure to use and so much simpler than dealing with the big energy suppliers and their seemingly random Direct Debit amounts that no-one in support can ever explain or justify.

6. The Bulb Energy Tariff

Bulb offer a single tariff for electricity and gas. It's one of the lowest on the market - renewable or not. There are no fixed term contracts when you switch to Bulb Energy so you are free to switch to another provider whenever you want.

7. Bulb Charge No Exit Fees & They'll Pay Your Exit Fees

Some energy companies like to keep your custom by offering better tariffs if you commit to a long, fixed-term contract. They'll also make you pay exit fees if you wish to switch to another provider. Not only do Bulb Energy not charge exit fees, they will also pay any exit fees your current energy provider charges when you switch.

8. The Bulb Ethos

Bulb say that they are a fair and open energy company, with an engaged, supportive community that takes centre stage. In my experience, I cannot argue with a single word of it.

Bulb are a certified B corporation. B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. If you want to know more, visit https://www.bcorporation.net

Bulb are a certified B Corporation

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